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lately we’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients

Teeth Whitening Center

Teeth Whitening Center, formely known as “Better In Colour Spa & Teeth Whitening needed a full rebranding service.  We moved away from a 14 year history and revamped their business to a modern and sleek design. We truly enjoyed being apart of their new journey!

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Web Design | Logo Design | Brand Strategist​​

BPR Properties

BPR Properties needed to have an overhaul of their current website. Not only did we revamp their website, but we also parterned with “Create Your Vision LLC” for an incredible logo design as well.  An amazing site for an amazing company!

Web Design | Logo Design | Brand Strategist​

Trust Alvin Curry

Alvin Curry,  Co-founder and CEO of MyEcon needed to brand himself and provide a homebase for clients to locate information on the man himself, seperate from the company. As he has a proven track record of financial success, this website allows Alvin to position him as a leader in the field.

Web Design | Brand Strategist​​

Create Your Vision LLC.

Jessica Smith, Truist Senior Graphic Design Specialist needed to showcase her elaborate portfolio and highlight her ability to take her client’s visions from thoughts to reality. Including the likes of Sheen Magazine, myEcon, and more!

Web Design | Brand Strategist

Prissy Touch

Entrepreneur Andrew Smith needed to create an online shopping experience for the new era of “Prissy Women.”  We were able to highlight various products and showcase a high-level product in a modern way.  

Web Design | Logo Design | Brand Strategist​​

Binaco Real Estate

Binaco Real Estate, Charlottes premiere real estate developers needed a site that would highlight the large-scale projects that they have completed. We took great pleasure in providing a full-scale revamp.

Web Design | Brand Strategist


DDM Hotel needed a website to serve as a comprehensive platform where potential investors, partners, and guests can explore the range of properties, learn about their unique features and amenities, and make informed decisions. With a user-friendly interface and detailed property listings, the website will provide a convenient and informative resource for individuals and organizations seeking to engage with DDM Hotel’s portfolio of exceptional hotels.

Web Design | Logo Design | Brand Strategist​​